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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Coverage . . .

Like it?  It's my Cricut cover.  I didn't use a premade pattern.  All I used was the mouse pad that came with my Design Studio purchase several years ago.  That formed the the pattern for the end pieces. 

Once I got that cut, I laid a piece of quited fabric over my Cricut to get an idea of how much I would need for the actual cover.  I then stitched the end pieces to the the cover piece, attached quilt binding all around the bottom, and  . . . Voila!  A Cricut cover.

Then, I took it to my local embroidery shop and had them put my initials in the center.  I REALLY like this font.  It's fun and creative. 

The initials are in lime green and the cover is a deep chocolate brown.  Btw, some of my cartridges are on a floating shelf in the background.  What you see on the right is a homemade ribbon spool.  I took a dowel, a wooden base, and drilled, glued, and painted them.  I use washers in between the spools of ribbon to help them turn easier when pulling off lengths of ribbon.  One of these days, I'll show you what I use to store large spools.  (It's in the closet.)

Hope you like it.  I'll be engaged in creative endeavors this weekend while connecting on a personal level with some peers.  In other words, I'm goin' scrappin'!!!  WOOHOO!  Gotta love it!

I'll be in touch.  See ya . . .

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  1. Love you cover, so creative, you have maybe inspired me to create my own!!


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