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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wedding Cake

This is a wedding cake that I made for a very close friend of my daughter back in May.  The bride was a "thoroughly modern Millie" type of bride and wanted something super simple.  There was not a cake topper and I tried to make the cake exactly like the picture she sent me.  The cake was white cake with simple buttercream icing.  The "O" monogram ended up being a wooden letter that my husband cut out for me.  I painted, glittered, and then polyurethaned it.  It was attached by placing a couple of toothpicks in the cake at the point of contact and literally hanging the monogram off the cake.  I didn't want the wooden letter to come in contact with the cake.  Because everything on the cake was white, the toothpicks didn't show because I hid them with buttercream icing.

I didn't use the Cricut cake machine or any type of papercrafting item.  This was all old school cake decorating.  (I used to do this for a way to make some $$$ before I went back to school.)

Enjoy -

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