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Monday, June 28, 2010

Belated Birthday Greetings

Hi guys - This card was made for a card swap in August. I decided that I wanted to do something a little bit different and use a cartridge that's not often used or acknowledged.  This cartridge is as cute as it can be and has lots of appropriate sayings for all sorts of occasions.

I took the frame feature on Paper Pups and used the hide contour feature to hide all the cuts on the inside.  Then I copied and flipped the copy in order to weld the two sides together.  All the designs were made to fit a 5X5 card and envelope. I did all my design on DS because Gypsy didn't have the option of hiding contours at the time.

I added another page and put the shadow for the cut on the next page. I added all the shadows that I could fit on the page (one of the glories of DS and gypsy) in order to get a set of 10.

Finally, I cut the outline on another page.  Before cutting, I outlined the cut with markers and then cut the outline.  I don't have anything fancy to do this with.  I used the Cricut markers that fit into the housing.  I used brown to do the outline.  I then filled in the eyes and nose with the same brown marker.  Using a red sparkly gel pen, I filled in the mouth because I wanted it to look like the dog's tongue.

I typed the inside on my computer and added paw prints from clip art. I got six on a page and matted it with a paw print paper.

By the way, the bone was cut from Paper Pups also and the sentiment on it was hand written.  Enjoy - :-D

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