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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today's Dive

I went diving today on a local wreck in the Gulf of Mexico.  We didn't know what to expect with the oil or how the visibility would be.  Happily, the seas were a rolling 1-2 foot seas with very little (if any) breeze. 

We anchored and set about the business of donning our gear.  After stopping several times to pour ice cold water down our wetsuits (did I say it was hot?), we got into the water.  The top water temperature was about 86 degrees.  We started down and hit a thermocline (a place where the water temperature changes and you see fuzzy water like the fuzzy look on a hot road) at 55 feet.  With the top water temperature being so hot and the air temperature being scorching (oh yeah, I told you it was hot), the cooler water of the thermocline felt great!

Two remora followed us down the anchor line.  A small one was attached to the larger one which was trying to attach itself to my dive buddy.  I guess my gosh-awful-flourescent-yellow dive gear was too much for the remora so they decided to annoy my dive bud.  It didn't work, though.

Anyway, we hit another thermocline on the bottom.  The visibility was about 40 feet with current only on the bottom.  We saw butterfly fish, gobies, spade fish, amberjack, blue angelfish, goliath grouper, and a bait ball that had the amberjack going crazy!  Little tiny scales floated down and lit the water like an underwater disco ball.

The picture at the top is one of the butterfly fish couples we saw.  And before anyone asks, no, we didn't see any sharks.

We're told that the oil slick is moving to the west and breaking up.  We didn't see any evidence of the oil, but we saw lots of oil slick boats and boom. 

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